About Ingenuity New

Welcome to Ingenuity, an FFXIV free company (aka Guild). We have been active since beta of A Realm reborn which is the rebirth of the first iteration of FFXIV. During that time we have seen the game grow and prosper. We have defeated enemies, laughed at Hildibrand and lost all our gil gambling in the Golden Saucer.

We are an open and Friendly Free Company and welcome people from all walks of life, yes even the Barbarians like the Scottish (by the by our FC leader is an angry Scottish bear so beware ;-p). We try to play as much of the game as possible. This means we raid, we do social events, and we help people get past big scary rock dudes. We even have people that PvP (I know shocking). We joke around (a lot) and we have our own Discord server where ribaldry is exchanged.

The only thing we ask in return is that people are respectful to each other and that you are mature enough because what is discussed in game stays in game, if you know what I mean ;-). This means our minimum age requirement is 18, though we can make an exception if your mental age according to Nintendo's brain training is above that.

This was a short introduction to the FC, but if you want to get to know more just hop onto the game and look for your friendly neighbourhood ING member. Or if this was enough to entice you click below to apply. The more the merrier!!!!